Our Vision

Townsville needs a Performing Arts Centre and it is proposed that this is most economically and efficiently achieved by building on the asset we have – the Civic Theatre and its recent extension building.

We have no modern small theatre.  We used to have the Riverway Performance space but it is now closed down. The Civic Theatre is a 1000 seat drama theatre but because there are no medium sized venues in the city it has to house any performance with an audience over 300.   As a result the Civic is over booked and is knocking back bookings, especially of touring productions which then skip Townsville entirely.

Additionally we have no venue at all with suitable acoustics for music or voice.  

The solution is a Performing Arts Centre – developing the Civic into a multi-venue facility with a small theatre and a medium sized theatre.   By making the medium sized theatre concert hall format we can also provide the right acoustics for music and voice and have a large stage for dance.

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