The Civic Theatre often has parking problems even with the capacity it already has. How much extra parking is included in this proposal and what traffic management ideas are there in order to better facilitate the arrival and departure of audiences for multiple performances on the same evening?

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Very good question.  
The parking proposed wipes out the existing car parking to the west of the Civic (loosing about 120 car parks) and replaces these with 780 car parks of which about 200 would be bitumen and 550 grassed.  Added to the existing parking to the east of the Civic the total would be 860 car parks.   
There is still the sealed area behind the Pits Building for extra parking if needed.
Additionally there is provision for disabled, a taxi rank and a 3 Coach drop off area plus Coach parking.   As well there is a 60 metre long drop off zone so that many patrons can be deposited off at the main doors leaving only the driver to park and walk back.
Theatre management would always stagger performance starting times and intervals in order to reduce both car park, foyer, bar and toilets congestion.
It is proposed to double the number of entries from Boundary Street to four.  This would be subject to a detailed traffic flow study to determine what the optimum would be for flow and safety.

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